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What is your ideal horseback riding vacation? Thundering beach gallops in Costa Rica, Ireland, California, Scotland or Spain? Riding through the shadows of the Grimm fairy tale forests and mountains of Germany and Hungary? Hearing the beat of your horse’s feet on ancient cobblestone streets in France? Exploring the English countryside? Cantering across the rolling hills of Italy and feeling the warm Tuscan sun? Horseback riding through the richly diverse outback of Australia? Experiencing the vastness and pristine nature of the mountains and valleys of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador or Mexico? Trotting up to historic French Châteaux and German castles? Riding alongside gazelles, elephants, giraffes in Africa? Enjoying horseback vacations on the stark trails of Iceland or the breathtaking mountain paths in Peru? Relaxing in four-in-hand carriage excursions across Italy and Germany? Or just reconnecting with nature and the horse in a very special way in Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee, Montana, Canada or Florida? Our equestrian vacation consultants can make any of these exciting adventures a reality for you.

These are not the “nose to tail” horseback riding vacations you may have done elsewhere. With High Pointe Tours, you will be partnered with capable horses native to the region like Irish sport horses, Andalusians, Icelandic horses, Quarter horses, Paso Fino, Maremma and even Gypsy Vanner.

When you retire each day from an invigorating ride on your capable horse, you’ll relax in lodging villages steeped in history. Traditional chefs prepare mouthwatering cuisine and you can raise a glass of cheer with the locals in popular pubs while being surrounded by fellow enthusiasts from around the world, creating the ingredients for an amazing horseback riding vacation adventure!

If you prefer to improve your riding ability, our horsemanship holidays will fill your flat, dressage, jumping or driving training desires whether you are a novice or advanced rider. The location for your vacation horseback riding lessons will be in exciting locations such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Ireland, New York or Tennessee!

For those who desire a horse adventure but prefer not to ride, we offer horse-drawn carriage tours of Germany and Italy.

How will you decide which ride to take? At High Pointe International Equestrian Tours, our experience in the travel and horse industries spans over thirty years, which means you have the right consultants to help you find the best horse riding vacation.

From Ireland horseback riding vacations to Italian horse carriage tours, our goal is to help you choose the most suitable equestrian vacation experience according to your interests and abilities.

Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are our top priorities. Our distinctive equestrian vacations have been selected with well cared for horses, guides of the highest integrity and best available accommodations. We offer an extensive selection of horseback riding and equestrian vacations and continue to seek new horse adventures.

In addition, if you decide to stay an extra day to enjoy the top tourist attractions of the area or if anyone in your party desires non-riding activities, we can help you with that also. We will be accessible to you from start to finish ensuring your complete satisfaction. You won’t find a better horseback riding vacation experience anywhere.

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“Roaring into free flight for the first time like that – my world encased in the sound of rushing wind and four hooves pounding through tide-swept sand – goes beyond fantasy, affecting a dozen more senses in the body than the five that science knows about.” “The guide became worried when he saw my tears as we galloped along the beach. I told him they were not tears of fear but tears of exhilaration.” These quotes from a Newsday article and one of High Pointe’s clients most aptly describes your experience on a High Pointe equestrian vacation. Endless trails. Trails with no end in sight and allowance to vary the pace produces a delightful feeling of freedom and unique opportunity to connect with your horse. New friends. You will ride with horse people from around the world and mingle with local villagers in either popular pubs or busy markets and shops. Silence. With rare access to cell phones and the respectful silence of your fellow riders, you are left with the brilliant songs of native animals and the mesmerizing sound of the clip clop of your horse’s hooves on the ground. Challenge. Trails ascending to the highest peaks in the world or descending into the deepest crevices, crossing moving rivers and riding to places where few humans are able to trek are available to will test your mettle. Party. Your day ends with a gathering of fellow riders to reminisce of your daily adventures and to partake in the delicious local traditional food and drink. Scenery. Can only be described as “awesome!” Pristine landscapes will create photo opportunities that will rival those found in National Geographic magazine. Exhale. Well trained, sure footed horses and knowledgeable guides will do all the work. You just have to show up and enjoy! You won’t find a better horse riding vacation experience anywhere.

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