What are the best riding boots to pack for your horseback riding vacation?  Since you will be doing some walking to dining venues and tourist sites, you want to select a boot that is comfortable for both riding and walking. So test your boots both on and off the ground before you pack them.  Paddock boots are generally the best choice.  Should you wear chaps with your paddock boots?  Yes, remember you will be spending several hours in the saddle and need to protect your legs from the rub of stirrup leathers.  Half chaps are a great choice as they will provide the leg protection you are seeking and can be easily removed when not riding.

A tip to dry out your boots if they become wet during your ride is to stuff the toes with newspaper.

To find the best horseback riding vacation to pack your boots for, call the High Pointe International Equestrian Tours ride consultants at 888-494-9636 or send an email to info@highpointetours.com.

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