What type of head gear should you pack for your equestrian vacation?  It depends on the requirements of the guides.  Some do not require a hard hat, others will.  If you purchase trip insurance, you may not receive accident coverage if you are not wearing a hard hat.  The country of Ireland requires all riders to use a hard hats.  Some guides will provide hard hats, however, there is nothing worse than an ill fitting hat so it is best to take one that is suited to your head.

Should you purchase a new hard hat?  If your helmet is older than 5 years or  has received the brunt of a fall, you should purchase a new one.

If your suitcase is already packed full, you can attached your hard hat to your carryon luggage.

How to care for it during your ride? You should expose it to airflow after you have ridden. Crumpling a fabric softener sheet inside the hat will help diminish the sweaty smell. Spray-on bactericides and odor removers, such as helmet-maker Charles Owen’s Hat Deodorizer (about $10) or English Riding Supply’s No Sweat Sport Hat & Helmet Refresher ($12.50) are available at tack shops, online, and through many catalogs.

To find the best horseback riding vacation to pack your riding hat for, call the High Pointe International Equestrian Tours ride consultants at 888-494-9636 or send an email to info@highpointetours.com.


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