Escape the summer heat with these amazing horseback riding vacations in the mountains!

France: French Alps Ride An invigorating horseback riding vacation in the French Alps! Your tranquil paths will lead to villages recognized as the most beautiful towns in France. You will marvel at the Cirque du Fer à Cheval, a breathtaking limestone circle of cliffs, and the Cascade du Rouget Waterfall. Another destination is Gers Lake, a tranquil alpine lake surrounded by high mountains and ancient forests. Your vacation ends with a day of rafting.

Canada: Rockies Ride A horseback riding vacation in Canada that is rated the best in Alberta! Your trails will lead you into the breathtaking Rocky Mountains! Say goodbye to the city and hello to majestic mountain peaks, pristine green valleys, and crystal clear lakes. Your experienced guide will show you the hidden gems of the spectacular region. You will stay in comfortable teepee or tent accommodations with hot showers.

Spain: Alpujarra Ride Alpujarra is the name given to the southern Sierra Nevada mountain range. In addition to spectacular mountain scenery, this is an area of rich moorish culture. You will follow ancient bridle paths into valleys where the horse, mule or oxen still pull the plow and thresh the harvest. Each day of the ride offers a different terrain; from mountain pastures to pine forests and olive groves.

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