Your equestrian vacation is guaranteed to be fun and memorable if you ride with a good attitude.  The very things that make a horse back riding vacation an amazing adventure can be the same things that cause frustration. Mounted on a strange horse surrounded by unfamiliar riders at trots and canters can be a formula for chaos. Your horse dislikes the horse behind him and kicks every time that horse comes close. The horse behind you suddenly spooks. The rider in front of you  becomes lost in the scenery and forgets that she is holding up you and the riders behind you. You were excited about riding from inn to inn but you find that one of the inns doesn’t have an elevator and you have to carry your luggage up two flights of stairs. Then there is the weather. Rain for the entire day when it wasn’t expected.

If you are having a problem with your horse, do immediately tell your guide so he can find a better partner for you. Move away from riders who are not practicing good trail etiquette. Otherwise, just keep in mind that these are all temporary – a minute in the hours of great riding that you are experiencing.  Meeting each frustration with a deep breathe or a shrug of the shoulders will minimize what had occurred and allow your mind to focus on the many hours of memorable enjoyment.  And some day, the very thing that caused you the most frustration can become a laughable moment.

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