Sure, you can add a cultural event to your incredible horseback riding vacation. How about adding a traditional horse race in Italy, a national Polo match in Argentina or annual holiday celebration in Spain. Just more ways to make your equestrian vacation truly memorable!

Spanish Siesta and Trails  
In addition to riding across the golden beach and verdant groves of southern of Spain, you can participate in the exciting traditional celebrations of the Carnaval, Sevilla Fair, and the Jerez Horse Fair.

Pampas Ride, Argentina 
Add some fancy footwork to your exciting horseback riding vacation across the vast estancia lands of Argentina. Attend the world renown  Palermo Polo Open or the World Cup Tango Championship.  

Seeing Siena by Steed, Italy
Step back in time as you attend the centuries-old Il Palio horse race. You will delight in this Italian festival full of excitement, and colorful pageantry. Then spend the rest of your time enjoying the trails that lead you across the sun-kissed Tuscany region.

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