Horseback riding in Mongolia brings the unique opportunity to experience nomadic life in a vast untouched land. The country is landlocked between China and Russia. Now a generation beyond the fall of communism, Mongolia has emerged as a young democracy with a promising economy. For the last  20 years, the travel industry has grown considerably. Mongolia is also an active member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

With about 250 sunny days throughout each year, the country is known as the Land of Blue Skies.”  Terrains vary from desert to green mountains. The weather in the summer is generally hot during the day and chilly at night.  Travel season starts in May and peaks in July.  August and September are also a good time to visit.

Top Mongolian Horseback Riding Vacations:

Mongolian Horseback and More Ride A horseback riding vacation in Mongolia with delightful non-riding activities!  Your hearty Mongolian horse will carry you across untouched landscapes where the nomadic lifestyle still continues. Morning rides include long gallops across the Steppe, swimming with horses in the river and endless trails across the countryside.  Afternoon non-riding activities include an evening of Bodgar ( traditional Mongolian evening, food, dancing and traditional music), kayaking down the Orkhon River, immersion with the local Mongolian clan, a visit to Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongol empire, and Khar Balgas, the ancient capital of the Uighur Empire and Turkish Khanate.

Gobi Desert and Mongolian Steppes Ride This ride uniquely combines both the desert dunes and steppes in Central Mongolia. The change in your terrain is dramatic. For three days, your trail will lead you across the windswept sand dunes and rocky cliffs of the Gobi Desert. This region covers about one-third of the surface of Mongolia and served as the Silk Road.

Best Orkhon Valley Ride This magnificent 13-day horse ride will allow you to enjoy the highlights of Mongolia in the best accommodations available with 10 nights in yurts with traditional beds and showers every evening (except at the nomadic family’s yurt) and 2 nights in a 3* hotel in Ulan Bator. Your trail leads you to the astonishing rock formations of the Hogno Han Park, the rich desert of the Bayan Gobi, the volcanic formed Ulaan Tsutgalan River Falls and the famous Uurt Canyon. In addition, you will spend a day with a nomadic family residing in the lush Orkhon Valley.

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