Adventurous horseback riding vacations in Argentina! Dotted with  breathtaking natural wonders, the country boasts a diversity of terrains from the verdant flatlands of the pampas to the dramatic wind swept steppes of Patagonia. You will be immersed in the Incan culture as you ride through a pristine wilderness connected to the mountains only by horseback. Your lodging choices are a historic hacienda house or a campsite under the brilliant stars of the southern hemisphere. You will talk about the monkey puzzle trees and condor nests as you enjoy an Argentine barbecue and other Andean dishes. As the sun sets, you will watch the spectacular stars of the southern hemisphere that blanket the sky. In addition, a tour of Buenos Aires, the cradle of the tango and called the “Paris of South America” can be planned. The best times to ride are April to June and September to December. This is an experience without comparison!

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