During your horseback vacation, hot weather can mean trouble for your horse. Here are tips to ensure the safety of your horse.

Simply, if both outside temperature and humidity are 90 degrees or above do not ride! The exact formula to determine when it would be detrimental to ride your horse:  Temperature (F) + Relative Humidity (%) – Wind Speed = Riding Index.

If the index is above 180 – do not ride! Your horse’s cooling systems will not function properly. You will need to perform intense cooling management.

If the index is 130-170 – use caution. Your horse can only partially cool its body. You will have to assist your horse with cooling management.

If the index is less than 130 and below – ride. Your horse’s system can properly cool down.

Underground Weather, Weather Channel, and AccuWeather  are three good weather forecast apps to use while on your horseback vacation. For an additional fee, AccuWeather can provide up to a 25 day forecast and it’s background can exactly mimic the sky in real time.

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