Does it make sense to use an equestrian vacation agency when you could book directly? Yes, if you don’t want to be frustrated in dealing with currency exchanges, ride reservationists whose native language is not English and contact phone numbers and emails that aren’t working. Yes, if you want peace of mind knowing that you can talk to a person who has rated the equestrian vacation  you have chosen. Yes, if you want an assurance that the quality of the lodging, horse and food is what has been presented. Yes, if you want to be confident in knowing that you do have the riding ability required for the ride and that the trails will provide the ease or challenge that you desire. Yes, if you want validation that the guide is reputable and will be there to meet you as planned. Yes, if you want a quick response on packing and helpful tips about about the region, accommodations and food. Yes, if you want input on pre and post ride hotels and transportation to and from the airport. Yes, if you want the security in knowing that someone is available by 24/7 during your ride.

To provide the peace of mind and confidence in planning your amazing horseback riding vacation, call the High Pointe International Equestrian Tours ride consultants at 888-494-9636 or send an email to

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