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  • Ride Overview - African Horsemanship Clinic and Safari Ride
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    You will experience an incredible connection with the horse and African life with this equestrian vacation! Your itinerary is twofold. First, you will explore the nature of the horse and yourself. You will learn to channel and direct the energy within the horse to create a union of their ideas and yours. Second, you will expand this new found relationship across the breathtaking southwestern African lands. All your senses will awaken, as you smell the fragrance of the exotic African bush vegetation. Taste the red sand dust wafting through the air from your horse’s movement across this amazing land. Hear the symphony from the diversity of life that will sing you to sleep and awaken you in the morning. The rhythm of this continent lends itself to the Remuda Internationals logo: “Uniting four hooves and two minds.” Your lodging is a 4**** golf and safari resort.    RIDING IN AFRICA 

    You will ride across the Entabeni Safari Conservancy. This “Place of the Mountain” is situated in the World Heritage Waterberg Biosphere. Approximately a three-hour drive north of Johannesburg, this 22,000 acre malaria-free reserve boasts five eco-systems. This region is vast, peaceful, incredibly beautiful and more than three million years old. The terrain is a harsh but rewarding area of startling beauty. A beauty which lies in its superb vistas, mountain gorges, clear streams and rolling bush hills. All rich in indigenous species of plant and animal life. The Waterberg (Water Mountain) is a unique wilderness area in the southwestern South Africa yet to be fully discovered. Wonderful bluish valleys are located far from the maddening crowd of the bustling tourist centers. The upper escarpment offers majestic craggy rock formations and wide-open grass plains. This is separated from the lower plateau by 1,968 ft./600 m. high cliffs. The lower escarpment is approximately three degrees warmer. It is comprised of sandveld vegetation and wetlands. The native animals include elephants, giraffe, leopards, cheetahs, warthogs and white rhinoceros.

  • Ride Itinerary - African Horsemanship Clinic and Safari Ride

    Day 1: 
    You will be transferred from the OR Tambo Airport to the Legend Golf and Safari Resort, which you will call home for the following days. You will settle in and have lunch, followed by a briefing of the days to come. At 4 :00 PM,  you will meet your horse and your fellow riders. Then you will enjoy an   introductory sunset ride before dinner at lodge.

    Day 2:
    6:30/7:00 A.M. light breakfast
    7:30 A.M.  Ride the Mind: The physiology and psychology of riding and interacting with your horse.
    Evaluation of your individual learning styles and preferences of material presentation. A personalized adaptation of the program will then be presented to each individual. Introduction ride includes:
    1) communication and movement of the horse with your hands.
    2) relaxing and lowering the neck using the grooming areas, to connect with the horse.
    3) The soft feel of the bit. Exploring the concept of contact. What it means to the horse and human. Connecting your thought, to the rein, through the life in the body, or spirit, down the legs, to the feet, and through the horse’s mind.
    11:30 A.M. Brunch at the clubhouse at Legend Resort.
    2:30 P.M.  Afternoon safari on horseback to view animals. Techniques learned in the morning will be applied in the field.
    Night: at Legend Golf and Safari Resort

    Day 3: 
    6:30 A.M. light breakfast
    7:30 A.M. Work with the horses – developing lightness to your body language cues and riding aids.
    1) Ultra light responsiveness to the reign aids
    2) Subtle, appropriate, seat and leg aids.
    3) Exploring invisible aids.
    4) Convert correcting or disciplining the horse; into channeling that energy, or free impulsion into a useful and forward direction, in a
    collected and communicative frame.
    5) Allow the wave of negative or unwanted energy wash over you and the horse without reacting to it, then after the horses initial reaction has subsided, direct them to a place where both of you are calm and start over. This is the physical act of unifying, horse and rider. (conducted in open arena)
    12:00 P.M. Lunch at a picnic spot with the horses
    2:00 P.M.  Work with the horses, increasing your awareness, of your surroundings, and your horse’s body language and breathing. ground work, halter handling of the horse in all directions with fluid willing motion.
    connecting the lead rope to the hind feet, individually and as a pair. connecting the lead rope to the shoulders and front feet, individually and as pair.
    Night: at Legend Golf and Safari Resort

    Day 4: 
    6:30 A.M. packed light breakfast
    7:30 A.M. body positioning of the horse from the saddle for schooling of gymnastic exercises. Includes:
    1) Exploring the hindquarters, disengagement of the inside hind leg.
    2) The mental aspects of disengagement, for the horse, and for you to become the lead horse.
    3) Working on all four quarters reaching equally, to create balance. Transitions, smooth, willing, and elegant.
    4) Exploring lead changes from the horse’s perspective and the humans.
    5) Developing straightness in the horse with balanced lateral and longitudinal flexion.
    12:00 lunch
    1) Creating a willing expression in your horse’s body language.
    2) Addressing anticipation in the horse. Utilizing this free impulsion to teach the horse to wait for the rider’s requests. Rather than containing a horse’s unwanted energy, channel it into forward round motion.
    3:00 P.M.  Optional afternoon safari ride to utilizing concepts in the field.
    5:30 P.M.  Rest and dinner
    Night:  Legend Golf and Safari Resort

    Day 5: 
    After breakfast at the clubhouse, you will ride up the escarpment partly leading your horse and partly riding. You will arrive at Ravineside lodge in time for lunch. You are now in big game territory. In the afternoon, you may like to rest at the pool after a long ride, or take an optional game drive (additional cost). Dinner and lodging at Ravineside Lodge.

    Day 6:
    Your big 5 horse safari ride will continue with lunch along the way and dinner at the end of the ride.

    Day 7: 
    You will be transferred to the OR Tambo Airport for departure back to Johannesburg Airport.

  • Ride Details - African Horsemanship Clinic and Safari Ride

    Dates: March 25th – 31st, June 24th – 30th, August 26th – September 1st,  November 25th – December 1st
    Best months to ride: September, October, March and April                                                                             Airport: Johannesburg
    Riding Days: 7
    Daily Riding Hours: 2 – 6
    Riding Ability: STRONG INTERMEDIATE:
    Confident and in control at all paces including posting trots, two point canters and gallops in open country. Capable of crossing rivers.
    Group Size:
    2 – 6
    Weight Restrictions:
    209 pounds, up to 231 pounds upon request
    Boerpherd thoroughbred cross, Arab cross and thoroughbred
    English, French trekking, Australian stock
    Non-riding Activities:
     bush walks, game drives, golf
    Suggested Vaccinations:
    Hepatitis A
    Malaria: this is usually recommended, depending on where in South Africa you travel. NOTE: The ride will occur in a Malaria-free zone, so there is not need to take Malaria precautions.
    Please consult your doctor as soon as you book your ride as some vaccinations require multiple dosages.
    4**** resort
    $3,880.00 per person, double occupancy,  single supplement on request

    *Price is based on USD/Euro exchange rate and will be fixed at final payment.

    Included: Bed and breakfast at resort Natural Horsemanship course, breakfasts, 2 day Big 5 horse safari/trails on soft game area, park fees
    Not Included: airfare, transfers to and from resort (300 euro round trip), lunch and dinners, gratuities

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