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  • Ride Overview - Around Mont Blanc Horseback Trail
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    A wonderful horseback riding vacation around the Mont Blanc Mountain, France. Neolithic travelers and Hannibal crossed the alpine trails to Tarentaise Valley long before global skiers. Today, the  Vanoise National Park, resides in the valley which is surrounded by numerous ski resorts on peaks at altitudes over 9,800 feet/3000 m. Carroz Blanc forest trail leads from la Chenarie to the Rossaix alpine pastures dotted with little Tarine cows. You will ride to the silver veins of Peisey, the Silver Mount and the Vanoise National Park. Alpine passes lead past baroque chapels. Throughout this horseback riding vacation, you will have the amazing backdrop of Mont Blanc. This horseback riding vacation includes a minibus excursion in Valle d’Aosta, Italy. Aosta is the smallest region in Italy between France and Switzerland. It is surrounded by majestic peaks

    Lodging is in  *** or **** hotel and 3***bed and breakfast located in the heart of the mountains. You will enjoy the magic of old stones, the Savoyard tradition, and warm welcome. The double rooms with bathroom combine comfort and refinement.A heated pool or spa often offers relaxation after the ride. HORSEBACK RIDING IN FRANCE

  • Ride Itinerary - Around Mont Blanc Horseback Trail

    Day 1:
    You will be transferred from either the Geneva Airport or the SNCF Landry to the comfortable ***Hotel de la Vanoise in Peisey Nancroix.

    Day 2:
    Your day begins with a 2 hour ride. The Carroz Blanc forest trail leads from la Chenarie to the open Rossaix pastures dotted with little Tarine cows. Along the way, you will see a Beaufort-made alpine pasture. After lunch, another 2 hour ride will return to the hotel.

    Day 3:
    Your group will ride to the silver veins of Peisey, the Silver Mount. The mines were  discovered in 1644. The Ecole Pratique des Mine was also first established in Peisey and then transferred in 1815 to Paris. You will visit this site before riding to the Rosuel Valley. After a traditional lunch at Chez Felix, you will enjoy an
    enchanting ride in the Vanoise National Park. The Park houses high peaks, waterfalls, and forests. Native animals include marmots, the very rare Gyapète, eagles, chamois, and ibex. A naturalist park guide will lead the tour. Dinner will be served in the Rosuel refuge in the heart of the Park. You will then return to the hotel.

    Day 4:
    Your Chenarie trail will traverse from Parcompuet to the Baroque Chapel of Vernettes. The Chapel reflects life in the mountains. Saints were invoked against the disease of men and cattle, accidents, avalanches, and climatic hazards.Visiting these sites became an exciting story for the locals. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the faith of the inhabitants and the talent of local Piedmontese or French artists populated the valleys with art masterpieces. After a visit to the Chapel, your trail will descend into the Nancroix Valley. Lunch will be served in the charming Ancolie restaurant. Your ride will continue along the Ponthurin to the Moulin village and then to Peisey Nancroix. The trail then descends into the Tarentaise Valley to the Baroque Church of Landry located at the foot of the Roman road. Your group will then be transferred to the picturesque  Savoyard Chalet in Seez for a visit of the Baroque Montrigeon Church of Montrigeon. Dinner and overnight will be at Angèle’s Farm.

    Day 5: 
    Begin with a 4 hour ride along ancient alpine passes (2500 BC). These were important trade routes in the Bronze Age. Before the Gallo-Roman period, Italian invaders crossed the Alps. Around 309 BC, the Bellovese Gauls crossed. In 218 BC, Hannibal led the Carthaginians with Hannibal across the region. The road was constructed through the Petit Saint Bernard pass,  Alpe Graia, around the period of Julius Caesar, 45 BC.  It was completed in 2 or 3 AD. From Seez, you will ride along the Roman road to Saint Germain. This road also serves as the border near the Cromlech and the Colonne Joux (Columna Jovis). After lunch, your group will  visit the Petit Saint Bernard Hospice Museum. In the afternoon, you will ride for 1 hour along a loop at the Petit Saint Bernard pass to discover the Roman ruins. You will then be transferred by minibus to the Pré Saint Didier thermal baths. You will have a sublime view of the Mont Blanc chain. A gourmet dinner will be served and an overnight stay at the **** Pré Saint Didier

    Day 6:
    This is a non-riding day with a minibus excursion in Valle d’Aosta, Italy. The new colony of Augusta Praetoria Salassorum (Aosta) was founded in 25 BC. The praetorium is an old fortified camp at the crossroads between the roads of Grand-Saint-Bernard (Mons Jovis or Mont Joux), and Petit-Saint- Bernard (Columna Jovis or “Colonne de Joux”, or Alpis Graia). At the end of the Roman Empire, the strategic position of Valle d’Aosta was the object of much lust. Successively conquered by many peoples – Burgondes, Ostrogoths, and the Lombards. In 575, peace between the Merovingian king of Burgundy and the Lombards was proclaimed. The Aosta Valley became the kingdom of the Franks who controlled the Alpine passes.The border between the kingdom of Burgondes and Lombardy was fixed at Pont-Saint-Martin. This change of borders  towards Lyon and Vienne created Martin de Tours, Denis de Paris (Saint-Denis) and Remi de Reims (Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses). The feudal nobility built many castles and military forts. Your group will visit the Arc de Triomphe, the numerous Roman remains and medieval buildings of Aosta. After lunch there, you will visit the medieval and renaissance castles of Fénis and Issogne. Their frescoes are magnificent. Your group will them be transferred back to France for dinner and lodging at the Chambres du Soleil guest house in the Chapieux Valley found at the foot of the Aiguille des Glaciers peak.

    Day 7: 
    In the morning, you will ride about 3 hours across the Vallée des Chapieux to an ascending trail toward Col de la Seigne on the Italian border. From the pass, you will have an astonishing view of Mont Blanc. In the afternoon, another 3 hour ride along the same path, descending, will provide a totally different point of view of the wonderful Chapieux Valley, Mont Tondu, Pointe de la Terrasse, Pointe du Terrassin, and Pointe de Pralognan. Return to the Chambres du Soleil for dinner and lodging.

    Day 8:
    After breakfast, you will be transferred to either the Geneva Airport or Bourg Saint Maurice train station.

    *Program may be changed a little according to the season and weather conditions.

  • Ride Details - Around Mont Blanc Horseback Trail

    Dates: June 20th – 27th
    Best Months to Ride: April to June and September to November
    Airport: Geneva
    Arrival Train Station: Arrival: SNCF station of Landry, Departure: Bourg Saint Maurice
    Length of Ride: 5 days
    Daily Riding Hours: 4 – 5
    Ability Level: STRONG INTERMEDIATE: Confident and in control at all paces including posting trots, two point canters and gallops in open country and on mountain trails. Able to tack a horse.
    Horse: Henson
    Group size:  4 – 10
    Saddles:  English
    Hotels/Inns: 3*** &  4****
    *Price: $2,900.00 per person double occupancy $775.00 single supplement

    *Price is based on USD/Euro exchange rate and will be fixed at final payment.

    Included: 8 days, 7 nights lodging, all meals and gastronomic dinners, includes 2 glasses of wine per meal, horses, tack, professional guiding by certificated staff, visits and shows, taxes
    Not Included: airfare, transfers from and to train station or airport, additional drinks


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