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  • Ride Overview - Sao Paulo Coffee Plantation Ride
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    This horseback riding vacation in Brazil will take you through the most beautiful coffee plantations of the country. The high altitude (2,264 – 4,265  feet/800-1,300 meters), dry winters, rainy summers and fertile soil are perfect for coffee growing. Your trails traverse rolling meadows with clear streams, and woodland paths. You will ride pass by banana trees and sugar cane fields. Along the way, you will  learn about each fazenda’s unique coffee growing and blending techniques. In addition, you will experience the Atlantic Rainforest. Here you will see the Jequitiba tree, a giant of the forest. The species can grow to over 131 feet/40 meters tall and 9 feet/3 meters in diameter. The oldest known specimen is estimated at around 3,000 years old. Your main lodging is close to the city of Mococa and one of the oldest plantation homes in the region. Horses have been bred and trained here for seven generations. Many of the plantations have a small shop selling their produce. The coffee, preserves and honey make for great gifts or serve as a nice reminder of your time in Brazil.   RIDING IN BRAZIL

    We enjoyed the horses, horseback riding and the owners. I learned a little more about history, the coffee culture and agriculture of Sao Paulo.  The horses are well treated and suitable for long trips. R.T.


  • Ride Itinerary - Sao Paulo Coffee Plantation Ride

    Day 1
    You will be transferred to Fazenda Nova, (New Farm – so called because the Old one burned down in 1830). Fazenda Nova is a 200 hectare property with ca.50 hectares of primal forest, 60 hectares of reforestation and the remainder of pastures and sugar cane. Seven generations of the same family have bred horses here. If there is time, you will meet your horse. Your day ends with a traditional  Paulista dinner (including a tasting of Mogiana coffees-among the best gourmet coffees in Brazil) and overnight at the Fazenda.

    Day 2 
    After breakfast, you will ride in the Atlantic rainforest found within the 120-acre forest preserve of the Fazenda.  You will ride through sugar cane fields, pastures with beef and dairy cattle, orange and coffee plantations in the higher areas and stop for lunch at Fazenda Belo Monte.

    Day 3
    Your trail will lead you through irrigated coffee plantations to a lunch at Fazenda Bocaina. Your group will continue riding across hilly terrain; pass a reforestation project; and finish at the Fazenda Fortaleza which produces organic coffee and vegetable garden.  A wooded trail will take you to a millenar jequitiba tree and a good opportunity to bird watch. A delicious organic dinner and lodging in cozy houses will end your day.

    Day 4 
    After breakfast, you will cross the Fortaleza trough and the picturesque village of Igaraí. Lunch will be enjoyed at Fazenda São Bento, a posh Victorian house, or at Fazenda Morro Azul, which produces a very special cachaça, the famous Brazilian drink. Your lodging will be at Fazenda Santo Antonio, which is a beautiful house with a swimming pool. The owners plant organic coffee that will be grandly explained by the owner. You will enjoy this coffee grown in the shade of the rainforest.

    Day 5 
    We ride across the largest coffee plantation in Brazil (more than 1 million coffee trees), where we have a picnic, already in Minas Gerais State. Across very hilly terrain we reach Fazenda Pedra Branca, where the horses sleep. The house is in a very pretty spot, yet small and basic. When appropriate we also sleep there.

    Day 6 
    In the morning, your trail will descend the hill on São Paulo side.  There you will see a small energy plant founded in 1905.  After you cross the river that divides São Paulo and Minas Gerais, your group will enjoy a picnic lunch in Fazenda Serra. You will ride back to Fazenda Nova for the evening.

    Day 7
    Depending on your departing flight times, you may have time to go to Fazenda Serrinha to round up some cattle, bath in a waterfall, or you will be transferred to São Paulo.

    NOTE – It is important to point out that are working farms where the owners still live.  There are about 30 coffee farms dating to the second half of the 19th century that we can visit or pass through. These are not tourist enterprises open year round. Therefore it may happen that we have to substitute one of the farms we visit because of a family reunion or some other event taking place on that specific date.

    Centre Based Ride
    A center-based option is also possible for more novice riders. Ride for approximately four hours a day in and around Fazenda Nova. You may choose to have lessons if you wish. We recommend a stay of at least three nights and the suggested maximum stay would be five nights.

  • Ride Details - Sao Paulo Coffee Plantation Ride

    Dates:  Year round available.  Confirmed dates: April 23rd – 29th, August 16th – 22nd, September 26th – October 2nd
    Best Months to Ride: Brazil’s summer months are December – March. There is less rain from August – February. Best times to visit are September and October
    Airport: Sao Paulo
    Riding Days: 5
    Daily Riding Hours: 5 – 6
    Group Size: 1 – 8
    Riding Ability: NOVICE – INTERMEDIATE: Confident and in control at all paces including posting trots and canters. Comfortable crossing rivers.
    Saddles: Australian and English
    Horses: Mamalarga/Arab crosses
    Hotel/s: historical coffee ranches
    2 – 4 riders: $1,800.00 per person, double occupancy
    5 – 6 riders: $1,495.00 per person, double occupancy
    7 – 8 riders: $1,365.00 per person, double occupancy
    $165.00 single supplement
    *Prices will fluctuate with the USD/BRL exchange rate and be fixed at final payment.

    Novice riders can choose a stationary ride and ride around the ranch.

    Included: lodging, horse, tack guide, meals

    Not Included:  airfare,, transfer to and from the Sao Paulo Airport ($300.00 per person)



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