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  • Ride Overview - Cilento Countryside Ride
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    Here is a wonderful horseback riding vacation in southern Italy. Cilento is a place where the sea joins the mountains. Beautiful landscapes mix with the fragrant smell of wild plants. Where history mingles with nature. People come together to enjoy the incredible local food and wine. This region is a part of the National Park of Cilento in Southern Italy. Visitors have declared the area “Italy off the beaten path.” The Cilento is also within very easy reach of Rome and the other regions of Apulia, Calabria and Sicily. You will experience cliff top views of the clear blue sea surrounded by valleys of fruit orchards, terraced olive groves and pungent wilderness areas of wild broom, rosemary and fennel. On some days, you will ride high up into the mountains; on others, you will head to the shore for faster rides on the white sandy beaches. Farming routes lead you through the valley to perched ancient villages where you may stop for a coffee in a local bar.

    You have a choice of either an easier stationary ride where you stay at the equestrian B & B (Agriturismo); each day riding a trail around the estate or an invigorating inn to inn ride. Your base lodging is an organic family-run farm where you will savor the simple, traditional and tasty Cilento cuisine. They produce quite everything you’ll eat: olive oil, vegetables, goat cheese, cold cuts, in oil vegetables, meat, pasta (grain is homegrown), marmalades, biscuits and much more.  Your delightful trails combined with the traditional Cilento cuisine and the friendly atmosphere will create a unique and unforgettable holiday.   RIDING IN ITALY

  • Ride Itinerary - Cilento Countryside Ride


    Day 1:
    Transfer from the airport to your comfortable agritourism B & B.

    Day 2:
    During a two hour ride, you will become acquainted with your horse.

    Day 3:
    An unforgettable day on horseback awaits you! You will set off along the road that skirts the hill to the right of the agritourism, and ride for approximately 1.86 miles/3 km to reach the 12th century picturesque chapel of St. John. You will continue to Celsus (6 miles/10 km from the starting point), along trails that immerse you in nature so that you can fully appreciate the beauty of the Mediterranean maquis, with its broom, bramble, heather, holly oak, oak and rowan. Your group will ride into Celsus, through the Arch of Palazzo Mazziotti (now a national monument) which belonged to very illustrious baron scholar. An ancient medieval village dating back to 1050, Celsus was the scene of the events of the Risorgimento in Cilento which took place in 1828 and 1848. After leaving the village (1,370 feet/418m above sea level), you continue to Pollica through the green Mediterranean scrubland. Along the way, you will pass a young chestnut forest which opens to a breathtaking view of the sea. Your group enters the town by skirting around the Franciscan convent founded in 1611 by Prince Capano. Pollica is a very characteristic town with many beautiful stone doorways and the 17th century tower of the palace of the Capano princes which overlooks the village. Here you will enjoy a tasty picnic with wine. It’s important to have a really good rest before setting off again! Next, narrow paths lead through valleys and along streams to Pioppi near the sea. Finally, you will return to the riding stables of the agritourism during the afternoon, buzzing with the emotions of the day. Riding: 5 -6 hours

    Day 4:
    You will through a colorful landscape dotted with olive-trees. After 1.25 miles/2 km your trail traces a stream to a ford over the River Alento. Your ride then continues towards the hills past vineyards and olive-groves. As you look back, you will have a beautiful view of the Gulf of Casal Velino and Velia Castle. Next, you will ride towards Castel Nuovo Cilento (890 feet/272 km above sea-level) where your group will stop to eat and visit the medieval castle. This site of clear medieval origin was a very important bulwark against the Saracen invasions. Later it became the administrative center of the feud of Guido d’Alemagna. After a downhill ride through olive-trees, you will arrive at Pantana where you will find the Franciscan monastery of Saint Clare. In front of you stretches the plain of the River Alento, with its intense cultivation of vegetables. You will ride on towards Isca Longa to cross the river at its shallowest point. From there, your trail will past an area of reforestation of pines and eucalyptus trees to reach San Giorgio where, according to legend, in the year 1000, there was a settlement of monks. After the war of Vespro (1282-1302) both the settlement and the village were destroyed. You will then ride back to the agritourism. Riding hours: 5 -6

    Day 5:
    A non-riding day to take cooking lessons or explore the local area.

    Day 6:
    Get ready for tomorrow adventure with a 2 hour trail around the countryside.

    Day 7:
    A wonderful itinerary in Italy amidst the green olive groves and the Cilento Sea. As soon as you’re mounted, you will ride inland leaving the sea behind you with riverbed trails to peach orchards and old ruins. The view is breathtaking all the way! After reaching the hill which overlooks the plain northwards, you will follow paths through open cow pastures to join the Old Salt Road, an old trading route which connected the coastal town of Velia and the sea with the inland Enotri people. At lunchtime, you will relax and enjoy a delicious picnic in the verdant shade of ancient olive trees. Here both horses and riders can take a well-earned rest. After your break, it’s time to saddle up the horses and get back on the road. You will follow a stream bed downhill to the sea, breathing in the fresh scent of vegetation, and return to the riding stables of the agritourism by mid to late afternoon.

    Day 8:
    Transfer to the airport or train station.

    *The guide reserves the right to change the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances.


    Transfer from the airport/train station to your comfortable B & B (Agriturismo).  You will meet your guide and fellow riders at a welcome dinner.

    After breakfast, you will enjoy a full day’s ride with a picnic. Return to the agritourism in the afternoon; dinner and overnight stay.

    Today, you trail will head to the sea along the valley of the River Alento. After lunch, you will return to the agriturismo by minibus; the horses remain at Moio della Civitella. Dinner and overnight stay.

    Your trail will lead you through rich lands of orchards and olive groves to the perched mountain village of Rofrano.  Your lodging will be in a renoveate historic convent.

    The picturesque village of Cuccaro Vetere will be your destination as your horse carries you along the foothills of Mount Gelbison. The view is amazing and overlooks the enchanting bay of Palinuro and the Tyrrhenian Sea, as well as Mount Bulgheria (1225m asl). Your lodging will be a traditional B & B in the village of Cuccaro Vetere.

    Your journey continues to the sea by way of trails canopied by stoic chestnut trees and lined with graceful ferns.  When your ride reaches Mandia, your trail turns into an old salt road which leads to blue-green waters of the sea and Velia Elea, the cradle of the ancient philosophical school of Parmenides. Return to the Agriturismo for dinner and overnight stay.

    A non-riding day to enjoy the local sites.

    After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport or train station.

    *The guide reserves the right to change the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Ride Details - Cilento Countryside Ride

    Dates: Saturday – Saturday, Stationary: March 14th – May 23rd and September 12th – October 24th
    Best Months to Ride: April – June and September – October
    Airport: Capodichino Airport, Naples
    Train Station:  Vallo della Lucania, Castelnuovo or Ascea
    Riding Days: 5
    Non-riding day:  1
    Daily Riding Hours: 2 – 6
    Riding Ability: NOVICE: Stationary Ride only.  Easy trails at walk, trot and canter. 
    INTERMEDIATE: Confident and in control at all paces including posting trots, two point canters and gallops in open spaces.  Comfortable on mountain trails, beach gallops and crossing rivers.
    Group Size: 4 – 8
    Altitude:  highest is 2,000 feet
    Horses: Anglo-arab, Maremanno, Sella Italiano
    Saddles: English
    Non-riding Activities: cooking courses, hiking, boat trips, wine tastings
    Accommodations: 3*** B & B and inns
    Price: Stationary: $1,105.00 per person, double occupancy $1,175.00 single package
    *Price is based on dollar/euro exchange and will be fixed at final payment.

    Included: 7 nights’ accommodation,  5 days riding, 1 non-riding day, breakfast, lunch,  horse, tack, guide, transfer to and from train station
    Not Included: airfare, dinners, transfers to and from airport ( 140 euros)



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