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  • Ride Overview - Galicia Coastal Horseback Ride
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    An intriguing horseback riding vacation in northeastern Spain. Finisterre is Latin for the “end of the known world” and is marked in the sky by the Milky Way where the last star died at sea. In the Middle Ages, this Galicia region of Costa da Morte was considered the most western point of continental Europe. Pagan beliefs and legends sprung from startled 2nd century Romans who never before witnessed the sun disappearing into the ocean. Your trail takes you through picturesque mountain and coastal medieval villages nestled between granite mountains and peaceful pastures. Panoramic views of the rugged coastline and the crested waves of the Atlantic Ocean will be enjoyed from mountain summits. Some will argue that this region churns out the best food in the entire country as it boasts a rugged coast from which bountiful seafood arrives inland, a fertile, rain-blessed interior to grow anything from corn to peppers to greens and a climate-friendly to raising dairy cows. For a longer stay in the region, you can add the Path of the Knights’ Path to Santiago de Compostela Ride.  RIDING IN SPAIN

  • Ride Itinerary - Galicia Coastal Horseback Ride

    Day 1:
    You will be met by the guide at 3:00 P.M. in Vigo airport who will drive you to the country B & B Castelo. You will meet your fellow riders at dinner.

    Day 2:
    You will then mount up to ride through the village of Ames to an ascending trail which leads to the picturesque mountain village, Trasmonte. From there, your trail descends along a winding road that ends at the lovely Ponte Maceira town which graces the banks of the flowing Tambre River. The town consists of a primitive settlement, an old mill, dam, chapel, a palace and a large 13th century bridge on which a legend says that after the disciples of St. James, who were running from the Roman legionnaires, crossed the bridge, the structure divinely became impassable and the Romans were unable to continue their pursuit. Next lunch will be served along the banks of the river in the medieval fortified village of Negreira nestled deep in the hills. Your day ends with a ride to a comfortable inn on the outskirts of Negreira.

    Day 3:
    A different terrain is in store for today. Your horse will carry you across peaceful green pastures dotted with cattle and tiny villages nestled at the base of stoic granite mountains. The region is one of the top producers of Galician milk and home to many horreo (granaries). At one point during your ride, you will see a body of water on the horizon which may seem a mirage. Soon, however, the dam on the Xallas River will prove your sighting is a reality. Your day ends at Olveiroa, home to at XII century cathedral and delightful panoramic views of the river valley. Dinner and lodging will be in this town.

    Day 4:
    You will ride on both ascending and descending trails and the smell of the ocean confirms that you destination is the coast. Along the way, you will marvel at beautiful pazos and “hórreos that are as grand as churches. But the most spectacular vision is to see the crackle of the waves in the deep blue ocean that stretches into an endless horizon. A windswept beach will lead you to to the fishing village of Muxia. This is a seaside spiritual site valued by both Christians and pagans that shouldn’t be missed as it is rife with legend, natural beauty and a unique and intimate serenity. In addition, there is a remarkable church “A Virxen da Barca” located at the foot of a cliff. Your entrance to Muxía is spectacular as you ride on unspoilt beaches and dunes stroked by the ocean. A traditional dinner will be served on the promenade and you will stay in a unique hotel.

    Day 5:
    You will be invigorated by the breeze on your face and the salty smell of the sea as your ride ascends to the top of a mountain. On the summit, you can see the amazing jagged coast of the Costa da Morte flaunting the capes, estuaries and fishing villages which border the Atlantic Ocean. By afternoon, your ride will reach Finisterre where you will enjoy riding on endless beaches lined with rolling dunes. Your trail will then climb, always with the ocean in view, to the Finisterre Cape where you will enjoy a panorama of great beauty – secluded white sandy beaches with steep rock formations and crashing waves. On this mythical cape with its old lighthouse, pilgrims of old took leave of all their fears and sorrows by burning their old clothes. You will then be transferred back to BRION – LOS ANGELES where you will either arrange for a car or train to take you back to the airport or your post-ride hotel.

  • Ride Details - Galicia Coastal Horseback Ride

    Dates: April 15th – 18th, May 27th – 30th, June 24th – 27th, July 15th – 18th
    Best months to ride: Northern Spain’s peak season is July and August. Central region: October – May. Southern: late spring – early autumn. Winter riding can be enjoy in the Andalusia because of the desert like climate.
    Airport:  Santiago Airport
    Meeting Point: 9:30 A.M at the Hotel Rosalia, in the town of “Brion – LOS ANGELES”, located 10 km. from Santiago de Compostela.
    Riding Days: 4
    Daily Riding Hours:  4 – 6
    Riding Ability: STRONG INTERMEDIATE: Confident and in control at all paces including posting trots, two point canters and gallops in open country. Capable of riding ascending and descending mountain trails to 1,900 feet in height.
    Saddles: Cavalry
    Hotels: 3*  B & B
    Prices:  $2,255.00 per person, double occupancy  $200.00 single supplement

    *Prices are based on USD/EURO exchange rates and will be fixed at your final payment.

    Includes: 4 nights lodging, horse, guide, all meals, tack
    Not included: airfare, pre- or post- ride lodging, transportation to and from the airport

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