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  • Ride Overview - Guadalupe Extremadura Ride
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    Featured in Conde Nast as one of Spain’s best-kept secret, the Extremadura region is a treasure trove of historic places and natural environments. In addition, this horseback riding vacation will take you from Trujillo to Guadalupe, two of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Trujillo is a picturesque medieval home of the Conquistadors. Guadalupe is a historic town of cobbled streets, traditional houses and the Sanctuary-Monastery of Guadalupe, a World Heritage site (UNESCO). The Monastery was commissioned in the fourteenth century by King Alfonso XI of Castile in gratitude to the Virgin Mary after his victory in the 14th century Battle of Salado. Since its founding, it has served as a major Ibérica pilgrimage destination. It was also where King granted Christopher Columbus the ships for his venture to America. Another attraction of the area is the simple but delicious cuisine of Extremadura. You will sample the uniquely prepared Iberian pork, mutton and chicken simmered in large pots and served with local bread.   RIDING IN SPAIN

  • Ride Itinerary - Guadalupe Extremadura Ride

    Day 1:
    You will be met at the Madrid Airport at 3:00 PM and then transferred to your Trujillo hotel. After a short tour of this postcard perfect World Heritage site, you will meet your guide and fellow riders at a welcome dinner.

    Day 2:
    Your trail will traverse through the Dehesa, an agro-forest where domestic herds of sheep and cattle join wild game including the imperial eagle, lynx and other wild game in rugged pastures and forests of oak and cork. Next, your will ride across flat terrain to Madroñera where you will stay for the evening.

    Day 3:
    After breakfast, your horse will carry you along a cattle trail to Zorita. Along the way, you will enjoy invigorating trots and canters as the road cuts through herds of native cows, sheep, goats and pigs. Dinner and lodging will be in a rural hotel.

    Day 4:
    Your ride will follow Greenway, an old railway built in the 20s but never completed due to the Spanish Civil War. Along the Greenway, you will see ruins of what could have been if the railway was completed as well as the impressive panorama of the Villuercas. Dinner and lodging will be in a rural hotel.

    Day 5:
    Departure after breakfast will lead you through the vineyard in Cañamero, renown for good wines and olives gardens. Here the landscape becomes rugged as the Ruecas River Canyon comes into view. Dinner and lodging will be in a rural hotel.

    Day 6:
    Today is a short day as you ride through the Cañada Real from Cañamero to Guadalupe. You will spend the evening touring Guadalupe and the Monastery. Dinner and night will be enjoyed in the Guadalupe Monastery Hotel.

    Day 7: 
    After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for arrival at noon so the earliest departure flight should be no earlier than 2:00 PM.


  • Ride Details - Guadalupe Extremadura Ride

    Dates: March 7th – 13th, April 4th – 10th
    Best months to ride: Northern Spain’s peak season is July and August. Central region: October – May. Southern: late spring – early autumn. Winter riding can be enjoy in the Andalusia because of the desert like climate.
    Airport: Madrid
    Riding Days: 5
    Daily Riding Hours: 5 – 6
    Pace: steep walking trails, short trots and canters
    Ability: STRONG INTERMEDIATE: Confident and in control at all paces including posting trots, two point canters and gallops in open country. Comfortable in the saddle for several hours. Capable of crossing rivers and riding ascending and descending trails.
    Group Size: Maximum 8
    Weight Restrictions: 198 pounds
    Horses: Andalucian and Hispano-Arab
    Saddles: Classic Spanish Dressage and English CP
    Accommodations: 2 – 4* hotel and B & B’s
    Price: 1,675.00 per person, double occupancy $155.00 single supplement
    *Price is based on USD/Euro exchange rate and will be fixed at final payment.
    **Small group fee may apply to total group sizes of 2 ($110.00) and 3 ($80.00) riders.

    Included: 6 nights’ accommodation, all meals, horse, tack, guide, transfer to and from airport
    Not Included: airfare

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