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  • Ride Overview - Mongolia Horseback and More Ride
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    A horseback riding vacation in Mongolia with delightful non-riding activities!  Your hearty Mongolian horse will carry you across untouched landscapes where the nomadic lifestyle still continues. Your morning rides include long gallops across the Steppe, swimming with horses in the river and endless trails across the countryside.  Afternoon non-riding activities include an evening of Bodgar ( traditional Mongolian evening, food, dancing and traditional music), kayaking down the Orkhon River, immersion with the local Mongolian clan, a visit to Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongol empire, and Khar Balgas, the ancient capital of the Uighur Empire and Turkish Khanate. Every attempt is made to provide luxury accommodations in this wilderness. Your gers (yurt) are equipped with comfy beds, log burning fires and beautiful hand-painted furniture.  You also have a fantastic bath ger where you can relax in your wooden tub soaking your muscles at the end of a long day. There are also gers for dining – one for breakfast and another for lunch and dinner. The food is delicious and freshly prepared on site every day by a private chef.

    The Mongolian Horse carried the all-conquering Mongol warriors across half the world. S Mongolian culture, and have changed very little over the centuries. Between 12 and 15 hands, they have short necks, short legs and are built like bricks. Although they are categorized as ‘horses’, they are pony-sized and pony shaped and come in all the colors.

  • Ride Itinerary - Mongolia Horseback and More Ride

    Day 1: Wednesday
    You will be transferred from the airport to the camp.  Camp arrival will be around dinner time.

    Day 2: Thursday – Day 6: Tuesday
    Your days will be structured with riding in the morning and afternoon combine with other activities throughout the day. Your group will venture out for long rides paused by traditional mountain picnics followed by non-riding activities to include kayaking, learning polo and swimming with the horses in the rivers. Your final itinerary will be based on the groups wants and the weather.

    Day 7: Wednesday
    You will be transferred back to Ulaanbaatar. You will have the option to fly out in the afternoon or overnight in the city.

    Day 8: Thursday
    If you chose to stay the additional day, you will fly out today.

  • Ride Details - Mongolia Horseback and More Ride

    Dates: June 20th-28th
    Airport: Ulaanbaatar (UB)
    Riding days: 6
    Maximum Daily Riding Hours:
    Daily Riding Hours: 4 – 6
    Horses: Mongolian
    Riding Ability:INTERMEDIATE: Confident and in control at all paces including posting trots, two point canters and gallops in open country.
    Saddles: Leather
    Group size: 4 – 20
    Non-Riding Activity: hot stone massage, archery, traditional Mongolian cooking classes, Feltandglermaking, leather rope making and cashmere production, the ancient capital of Mongol Empire and Khar Balgas, the ancient capital of the Uighur Empire and TurkishKhanate, kayaking, fishing, hiking, mountain biking
    Accommodations: luxury tent (25㎡) with warm decoration.In addition to the camping toilets inside the gers, the camp also includes a number of external toilet facilities. These are essentially ‘long drops’, covered with a toilet seat, enclosed by three walls, and with a lovely view of the valley and river below. The camp includes three bath gers, each with two wooden Japanese-style bathtubs. There are also stand-alone, wood enclosed, gravity showers overlooking the Orkhon River. All water is pumped from a well and heated by a wood fire.
    Visa requirements: 
    a. Your original passport with at least six months of validity and two blank pages;
    b. A black and white photocopy of the passport page with your photo, and of the pages that contain any past Chinese VISA that you have obtained (only applicable if you have already been to China);
    c. A recently-taken color passport photo (48mm x 33mm) with light background;
    d. Proof of legal status in the country where you’re applying for the VISA, such as a resident permit (only applicable if you’re applying for the VISA outside your country of citizenship);
    e. An Application Form completely filled in, printed and signed,to download the application form provided by the by the Chinese embassy Consular Office.
    d. A copy of your return trip plane ticket for China
    f. A copy of a Chinese hotel booking for the whole duration of your stay (we will offer)
    g. Tour plan itinerary
    *Price: $4,125.00 per person, shared accommodation
    *Price will fluctuate with the USD/GBP and be fixed on final payment.

    Included:  7 nights at camp, 1 night in Ulaanbaata, all riding and polo activities, all meals, transfer to and from camp, horse, guide, tack
    Not Included: airfare

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