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  • Ride Overview - Pampas Horseback Ride
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    Welcome to Argentina, a land of horses, born and built on horseback. There is no better way to understand the real Argentine spirit than to experience its world-renowned estancias. Full of tradition and cradle to the best polo in the world, they are part of the way Argentina was made. The estancia is a true working ranch at the core of the Argentine Pampas. Situated on 4,000 acres, it is located 150 miles from Buenos Aires.  The Estancia is dedicated to livestock production and Argentine horse breeding barn. The horses you will ride are show quality. On top of this, you will share time with the gauchos (the local cowboys). They are all horse loving people and very proud of their way of life and cattle raising skills. They are the true spirit of the endless Pampas and Argentine culture. They are celebrated in both song and prose where they became truly heroic figures who pronounce their virtues as knights would with strength, bravery and honor. The entire staff is dedicated to 100% personalized service. You will enjoy the excellent local cuisine including the traditional Argentine Barbecue and wines, and comfortable accommodations. As the sun sets, you will watch the spectacular stars of the southern hemisphere that blanket the sky. In addition, a tour of Buenos Aires, the cradle of the tango and called the “Paris of South America.”  This is an experience without comparison.    RIDING IN ARGENTINA

    “I will always remember our guide as being so friendly and warm. The ranch was like heaven. The food scrumptious. The weather was perfect.”

  • Ride Itinerary - Pampas Horseback Ride

    Day 1: 
    You will be met at the Buenos Aires International Airport at a preset time. After a 3 hour drive to the Estancia in the Pampas, lunch will be served.  In the afternoon, with the help of your guide, you will be introduced to the Argentine horse breed and assign your horse for the rest of the stay. You will ride in the pastures surrounding the Estancia to get used to your horse and learn about the daily activities at the Estancia. A hearty Argentine welcome dinner completes your first day. Argentina is now known worldwide for its wine production. Each night during your stay, you will be enjoying a different wine from its terroirs. We have prepared a special selection which includes some of the world-renowned Argentine Malbecs.

    Day 2-3-4: 
    During your stay, you will be riding Argentine breed horses on the famous Pampas grasslands, wonderful long canters on the plains and the chance to explore the quaint and charming villages throughout the area. The Gauchos (cowboys) will be eager to teach you the “secrets” of cattle work and horse breeding. You will enjoy both the horseback and ranch activities at the Estancia over the next few days, including:
    – Ride the El Gato river banks. This portion of wilderness will let you see how the Pampas were originally
    – Conventional cattle work, cattle driving, and barrel racing
    – Drive 19th-century carriages
    – On a long day, you will ride past neighboring Estancias and stop for a traditional Argentine barbecue under the shade of the trees.
    – You will explore the area and villages that are typical of historic Argentina, such as the very small town of Almada. The locals gather at the bar and are always glad to have visitors and make new friends. It is like going back in time. Tie up your horse in front of the bar the same way it was done in the Old West. Enjoy a drink and have a chat with the locals.

    Day 5: 
    We will ride during the morning and then say goodbye to the horses. After lunch, you will leave the Estancia and head to Buenos Aires city. Hotel checks in. Free time to wander around the city, go shopping, visit museums.

    Day 6: 
    You will visit Buenos Aires and learn about its icons in a very special way: Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada’s balcony, Eva Peron, etc. In the evening, you will attend a tango show with dinner and a tango lesson at Complejo Tango. Night at hotel.

    Day 7: 
    After breakfast, you will visit the River Plate/ Paraná delta and the surrounding picturesque towns by bus, train, and boat. At Tigre City, you will board a boat. From the side of the boat, you will appreciate the exotic subtropical forest of the Paraná River Delta, a 14.000 square kilometers area comprising thousands of islands and islets. The River Plate is the ending portion of the Paraná river which is 2500 miles long and its name means “as big as the sea” in the local Indian language. This is the second largest river in South America (behind the Amazon river) and its volume of water flowing into the Atlantic Ocean is roughly equal to the volume of the Mississippi River. Transfer back to the hotel in Buenos Aires. Arrive 2:30 PM. Free time until transfer to Ezeiza International Airport. Plan to fly back home in the evening.

  • Ride Details - Pampas Horseback Ride

    Dates:  April  8th-14th,  May 19th-25th,  June  23rd-29th,  August 5th-11th  (Tango World cup takes place at this time in Buenos Aires), September 16th-22nd,  November 8th – 14th, December 15th-21st, (The Palermo Polo Open takes place at this time in Buenos Aires)
    We can also customize rides all year round.
    Best Months to Ride: North – November to March, Central – December to February, South – December to March
    Riding Days: 5 Daily Riding hours: Slow pace; 4 – 6 hours
    Meeting Point: Buenos Aires Airport  – plan for AM arrival
    Riding Ability: NOVICE TO INTERMEDIATE: Confident and in control at all paces including posting trots and canters
    Horses: Criollo horses
    Group size: minimum 2
    Saddles: South American Recado
    Non-riding Activities: none
    Hotel/s:  ranch guesthouses
    Price: $1,950.00 per person, double occupancy (6+ riders) add $100.00 per person for 4-5 riders, add $250.00 per person, double for 2-3 riders $390.00 single supplement
    *Pricing adjustment will be made at final payment date according to the number of total riders booked.

    Included: 2 nights Hotel Tribeca (www.tribecahoteles.com) or similar in Buenos Aires. 4 nights Estancia in the Pampas. All meals and beverages (wine, soft drinks, water) during Estancia stay and other indicated in Buenos Aires. Transfers Buenos Aires International Airport – Estancia, Estancia – Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires – International Airport.
    Not included: International and domestic flights, travel and medical insurance, drinks, gratuities and all others not indicated. Extras at the Estancia require cash payment.


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