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  • Ride Overview - Wyoming Hideout Ride
    • Canyons/Mountains
    • Premier Lodging
    • Stationary
    • Western Saddles

    A wonderful horseback riding vacation in Wyoming! Ranked as one of the “Top 20 Equitrekking Ranches,” you will enjoy European style pampering and great horseback riding with a unique and endless variety of trails. This 100-year-old working cattle ranch is located in Shell, Wyoming (pop.50) at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains and National Forest and at the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park. With trails found in elevations from 4,200 to 13,200 feet as well as across vast open pasturelands, your horse will never retrace his footsteps. In addition, this is not a “nose to tail” ride rather your trails are customized to your riding ability. If you prefer cattle work, you will work side by side with authentic cowboys. Your cuisine is excellent, healthy food created by culinary schooled chefs and lodging is in a Western-style log cabin decorated with excellent furnishings in warm colors that are kept sparkling clean and well maintained.

    “Even though the lodging reflects Old West charm, the meals, the personalized attention, and the wonderful after dinner conversations are first-rate! We had no expectations before we got here. What a wonderful opportunity to revisit the life of those of the Old West by day and relax at night in 21st century luxury!!…”

  • Ride Itinerary - Wyoming Hideout Ride

    You will be able to choose from the following trails:
    High Desert and Canyons: Ranging in elevation from 4,200 – 5,400 feet. These rides are mostly in the valley riding through the wide-open prairies, juniper trees, rocky canyons as well as hidden canyons through which refreshing creeks flow with century-old cottonwood trees offering you and your horse some well-deserved shade.
    Mountain Pastures, High Alpine Meadows: You will see it all from above 7,500 feet riding through sagebrush and high grasses imagining you are one of the cowboys in the movie Open Range or Lonesome Dove.
    High Mountain Alpine Country & Upper Country: Typically elevations in these areas range from 8,500 to 13,200 feet. The High country offers alpine forests, mountain lakes, streams and granite rock formations. Area’s above 10,000 are usually snow covered from the end of September to mid-June depending on weather conditions.
    Devil’s Leap: Undulating red clay hills capped by wild grasses, sage and cactus. This intermediate ride culminates in a breathtaking vista from atop the famed Devil’s leap dropping 800 feet beneath you. Take a look over the edge…
    Mollycropsy: This mesmerizing canyon hides abundant wildlife and offers a very challenging ride for those seeking high adventure. Sharp turns, steep inclines and daring drops challenge even the most advanced rider.
    Black Mountain: A breathtaking scenic route leads the rider through a wide variety of terrain starting at the high desert flats of Trapper Creek winding through fields of salt sage and ending with a dramatic view over the entire Bighorn Basin and even into parts of Yellowstone Park.
    White Creek & Trapper Creek Canyon: Step back in time 100 years. Your ride winds you through down a picturesque tree canopied path, past old timber corrals, over a wooden bridge and opens into a wide open lane perfect for an easy lope. The trail during this half-day ride snakes through the canyon with several crossings of Trapper Creek.
    Willet Lake: A breathtaking all day ride in The Big Horn National Forest which takes you through open alpine meadows and pine forests to a clear blue mountain lake surrounded by a gorgeous alpine meadow. This is a ride you will not want to miss.
    The Mail Trail or Bench Trail: Saddle up for a full day ride over a century old mail trail leaving at 7600 feet through alpine forests and juniper trees with beautiful vistas in The Shell Canyon. The Mail Trail is part of a century-old trail used to carry the mail on horseback and mules from Sheridan to Cody.
    Copman’s Tomb: This spectacular rock which you can see every day from the lodge is one of the most popular rides for its million-dollar view and scenic picnic. Looking up from the valley you would never think you could make it there on horseback. On a clear day, you can look from the top of Copman’s Tomb all the way to the Rockies and Yellowstone National Park.
    The Painted Hills: This half-day ride takes you to what the Indians called The Painted Hills which are hills with beautiful colors due to the minerals mixed with bentonite. We reach these hills riding through the sagebrush and grass prairies in the valley. Photographers LOVE this area.
    The Sedona Ride: This area near Trapper offers rides which makes you think you are in Arizona due to the exposed Chugwater formations and half desert prairies. Cactus, coyotes and rattlesnakes included.
    The Five Fingers Ride: This popular valley ride takes you through rocky canyons with juniper trees and high desert while traveling along the slopes Big Horn Mountains which rise 2,000 feet along your trail as a huge granite wall. Some of the exposed
    Precambrian rock is over a billion years old.
    McCullough Peak Mustang Country: During winter and spring, some of our cattle graze in a 100,000 acre pasture which is a high desert area shared with the McCullough Peak Mustangs. Riding this country you will probably be able to see wild horses alongside grazing antelopes. A mix of it all climates, scenery and temperatures.

    In the late fall, you might start riding in the snow on one side of the mountain and ride the last two hours of your 6-8 hour ride in the red dust in temperatures above 75F. You might start your ride at 6,500 and cross 9,500 feet and put your horse in the trailer at 4,200 feet at Trapper Creek Lodge after coming down Black Mountain Road and The Beef Slide. These are century old stock and trapper trails.

  • Ride Details - Wyoming Hideout Ride

    Dates: March – November, check-in on Sunday (2 PM) check out on Thursday or Saturday (before 11:00 AM)
    Horses: Quarter, Paint, Mustang
    Riding Ability: Novice to Advanced
    Group Size: 1 – 5 per wrangler
    Weight Restriction: 235 lb.
    Airport:  Yellowstone Regional, Cody.
    Private Jets Greybull Airport (Contact us for a charter quote!)
    Meeting Place: Cody Airport or pre-ride Cody hotel. Ranch is 1 .15 hour drive from Cody. Greybull is 25 minute drive to the ranch
    Riding Days: 3 – 5
Daily Riding Hours: 2 – 8
    Saddles: Western; can upgrade to $5,000 handmade saddle strong
    Non-riding activities: trapshooting, fly-fishing, canoeing, attending The Cody Nite Rodeo, hiking, biking, guided tours, 4×4 tours, ranch and farm visits, etc
    Accommodations: 4**** cabins
    4-night stay (Sunday – Thursday)
    April 5 – May 17:  $3,189.00 per person, double occupancy
    September 20 – November 1: $3,290.00 per person, double occupancy
    Single Supplement: $351.00 (fee will be waived if not fully booked)
    6 night stay (Sunday – Saturday)
    April 5 – May 17: $3,960.00  per person, double occupancy
    May 24 – September 13:  $4,824.00 per person, double occupancy
    September 20 – November 1: $4,248.00  per person, double occupancy
    Single Supplement: $570.00 (fee will be waived if not fully booked)

    Upgrade to private Western home: contact us for pricing.

    Included: accommodations, 5% sales tax and 15% gratuity, horse, tack, trails or cattle drives, all meals
    Not Included: airfare, transfer to and from airport ($195 round-trip per four riders) pre-ride lodging in Cody

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