Scotland is filled with beautiful scenery and some of the best, advanced horse trails in the world. There are a lot of fun activities that you’ll be able to do on your horseback riding tour, and some which you probably didn’t even know.

Ride Coast to Coast
Why settle for visiting just one of Scotland’s coasts? You can go, on horseback, from one coast to the other while seeing amazing sights in between. Some of the sights that we recommend are:
• Pillar Rock
• Canisp
• Ben Moore Lodge
• River Oykel
• Croick Church
• The railway carriages of Rogart

Explore the Surroundings
From beautiful beaches to flat bogs and mountains, you’ll be able to see them all during your time in Scotland. A few of the opportunities include:
• Looking for red deer hidden in the picturesque hills.
• Scouring the shallows for seals.
• Exploring remote lochs and streams.
• Reay forest estate with its majestic hills and scenery.
There are historic sights and history that your tour guide will share when on tour. These are locations dating back hundreds and thousands of years in some cases that have gone virtually unspoiled since.

A Glimpse into the Past
Some of the best times in the country are visiting the castles and monuments of the past. You’ll find that many tours include a night in Dornie where you’ll be able to see Eilean Donan Castle. This is the most beautiful castle in all of Scotland and is built right on a loch. The island where the castle sits has been uninhabited since 2011.
When you stop in town for the night, visit some of the cities’ local pubs and taverns to catch a glimpse of life in Scotland.
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