Partnering with your horse on your equestrian vacation can be similar to speed dating!  Generally, you will have an hour to determine if your assigned mount will be your best partner. If you feel your horse is not the best match for you, immediately tell your guide. Remember this is a partnership so if your horse is misbehaving, check to see if you are contributing to actions. These include:

  1. Tossing his head. Are you gripping your reins to tightly?  Is he just asking you to give him his head so he can pick his way along the trail?
  2. Trying to nip your leg or twitching his skin under your leg. Are you gripping your leg too tight?  Or is your leg too active on his side?
  3. Cold back. Is your seat to heavy on his back?  Try a two point contact for a while.
  4. Bucking.  His back could be bothering him or he could be just misbehaving.  Keep his head up!

Tip to handling a misbehaving horse:

  1. Bucking:  Keep his head up and lean back.
  2. Rearing:  Lean forward on his neck and kick him forward.
  3. Running away:  Cross your reins across the crest of his neck or turn him in a circle.
  4. Kicking the horse behind you:  Go to the back of the line.


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