Horseback riding vacations found on islands can provide a dreamy experience.  Imagine walking, trotting or galloping across endless white sand beaches and ending your day in romantic maritime settings.  Trails deep into the island can offer the rugged mountains of Nova Scotia,  the UNESCO biospheres of the Azores or the brilliant pasturelands surrounded by monasteries in Majorca. Seafood is highlighted on daily menus but are prepared with cultural recipes. You can enjoy traditional seafood chowder in Nova Scotia or  savory Mallorcan grouper crowned with colorful vegetables. If you want to experiment, the Azores offer deep fried breaded leopard-print moray eels or garlic buttered limpets (sea snail).

Here are the tops rides:

 Nova Scotia Mountain to Sea Ride      This horseback riding vacation offers an opportunity to ride along extraordinary coastal roads, breathtaking beaches, rugged mountain cliffs and old forest paths created by the first settlers. You will experience exhilarating paces, peaceful forests and capable horses. You might even catch sight of a pilot whale breaching the waves in the Atlantic Ocean or a bald eagle flying overhead.

Trails of the Azores There is no better way to discover and enjoy this paradise than on horseback. This equestrian vacation is located on São Miguel which boasts lake-filled calderas and Gorreana tea plantations. Your trails will lead you to dramatic ocean views, fishing villages, green pastures and hedgerows of blue hydrangeas. You can also add Portuguese dressage lessons (including high school) on Lusitanos. Relaxing dips in hot and volcanic water springs will end your day

Mallorca/Majorca Sea and Countryside Ride    This ride takes you across the peaceful Mallorcan countryside, a beautiful region of olive groves, vineyards, pine forests, ochre villages and a spectacularly rugged coastline. The interior is comprised of the fertile Es Pla plain where orange, clementine, almond and lemon trees grow.  Picturesque ochre villages are nestled at the foot of the imposing Tramuntana Mountains.

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