Wondering if you have chosen the best weather for your international horseback riding vacation? Here’s a list of the months that provide the good weather riding in the most popular countries.
AFRICA: May – September
ALBANIA: April – October
ARGENTINA: Patagonia – December to March, Mendoza – April, Salta – November
AUSTRALIA: September – December, February – April
AUSTRIA: May – September
BRAZIL: December – March
CANADA: April – June, September, October
CHILE: November – February
COSTA RICA: December – April
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: July – August, December – February
ECUADOR: June – September
ENGLAND: April – September
FRANCE: April – June, September – November
GERMANY: May – September
GREECE: April – June, September, October
HUNGARY: April, July, August, September, October
ICELAND: June – August
INDIA: January – March, October – December
IRELAND: June – September
ISRAEL: March – May, October, November
ITALY: April – June, September, October
MEXICO: December – April
MONGOLIA: May – October
PERU: May – September
PORTUGAL: March – May, September – October
SCOTLAND: May – July, September, October
SPAIN: March – May, September – October
SWEDEN: May – September
WALES: April – September
URUGUAY: October – March

Generally, August is too hot for France and black flies can deter from good riding in Scotland. Consider the “shoulder months,” June and September for Ireland as those months also see less rain. However, take rain gear regardless in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales as a rain shower is possible even on the clearest day.  January is too hot for Australia and the rainy season in the South American countries run from May to September. To help you with final packing, do go the the weatherchannel.com for weather projections that will occur during your ride.

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