France is ripe with history and one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world. You can visit beautiful beaches and impressive castles, ride through wine vineyards or even traverse mountains all while riding on horseback. It is a destination that offers something for everyone, and luckily for equestrians, this means the possibility of a horseback riding vacation that is breathtaking from the very first gallop.

Lavender Fields
Dense forests with wildlife rustling about are in abundance. Journeys often begin with rides through the forest and end up in beautiful fields of lavender where all the rider can see is beautiful, purple flowers with hills in the distance and stunning estates.

France is known for their immense wine vineyards and fields. Riding through France allows you to experience vineyards that have been in operation for hundreds of years. Many vineyards, like those found in Cote de Nuits stretch for thousands of acres. The owners of these vineyards often have wine tasting options and some vineyards also offer boarding.
Many of the old castles and chateaus still operate vineyards and welcome guests.

Most people don’t realize that France has beautiful beaches that are stunning. The Normandy region is especially rider-friendly with riders traversing the rolling countryside before coming to beautiful beaches where they and their horses will be able to hear the waves splashing against the sand.

Rich in History
From kings to counts, there are some of the most beautiful estates to ever exist right here in France. Many riding tours will offer:
• Castle tours
• Castle stays
• Wine tasting in castles
• Picnics on castle grounds
Some of the most famous castles in history allow for riding tours in the country, such as the Palace of Versailles and Loire Castle. Some of the biggest chateaus are also seen in France with many offering rides and tours as well. For a horseback rider that loves a bit of history, France is one of the best locations in the world to mount up and ride.

The Alps
The Alps are able to be seen on many tours. These beautiful mountain peaks allow for a storybook journey through the country. Riders will be able to view the mountains from afar and some tours also allow for riders to traverse some of the mountain passes.

Temperate Climate
France also has a very diverse climate. To the north, riders can expect a temperate climate, the south has a Mediterranean climate. The west has high rainfall and warm summers, while inland has rainy summers and cold winters. The Alps has rigid temperatures below freezing for 150+ days during the year and snow covering for half the year.

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